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Thursday Notes: Lions Interview Jason Garrett

  • Contrary a report last week that Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett withdrew his name from the Lions' list of head coach candidates, he actually was interviewed by Detroit on Monday.  In fact, the interview went so well that he is reportedly the leading candidate for the job.  Personally, that is not what I wanted to hear.  Although Garrett's stock was on the rise a year ago, the Cowboys' offense was disappointing this past season.  I'd rather the Lions hire a defensive guy anyways, but out of all the candidates Garrett is near the bottom of my list.
  • Dolphins assistant/secondary coach Todd Bowles was supposed to be interviewed by the Lions yesterday.  There is no confirmation that the interview took place, but I imagine we'll hear something in the next 24 hours or so. 
  • The Lions are scheduled to interview Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier on Friday.
  • As expected, Lions quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler has been hired by the University of Florida to coach QBs.
  • Jason Hanson's uniform (jersey, pants, socks, and shoes) from the Colts game was donated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame since he set the all-time record for field goals of 50 or more yards during that game.  The ball he set the record with was also sent to the HOF. (HT: Tom Kowalski)
  • Tom Kowalski took a look at the Lions' salary cap situation for 2009, and things are surprisingly looking promising.  At a minimum, the Lions should be around $28 million under the cap.  However, if some players with big salaries are released, that number could grow to as much as $39 million.  Kowalski speculates that Leigh Bodden will likely be released and Daunte Culpepper could be gone as well.  On top of that, it looks like many other players that are set to be free agents won't return, meaning an overhaul of the roster should thankfully happen.
  • A Lions fan got a tattoo of the Lions logo with "0-16 2008" next to it.  I'd say that is taking things a bit too far.
  • Former Lions defensive coordinator Joe Barry "would cherish" a new job.
  • The Cowboys released Pacman Jones after allegations surfaced about his involvement in another shooting.  Roger Goodell needs to ban this idiot from the NFL for life right now.  It's going to happen eventually, so he might as well get it over with.
  • The Cleveland Browns have agreed to hire former Jets coach Eric Mangini.