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Friday Notes: Garrett Not the Leading Candidate?

  • On Wednesday, Michael Lombardi said on Showtime's "Inside the NFL" that Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett "emerged" as the Lions #1 head coach candidate.  Lombardi added that Garrett has interest in the job because it will be possible to draft Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford.  Quite frankly, that sounds like an awful scenario for the Lions.  I'm against hiring Garrett and am especially against drafting Bradford.

    Thankfully, it appears that Garrett is not the front-runner for the Lions job after all.  Dave Birkett reported that what Lombardi said about Garrett is "not true," and even Lombardi posted this on Thursday: "I hear the order in Detroit today is Jim Schwartz of the Titans, Jason Garrett of the Cowboys and Leslie Frazier of the Vikings."  It seems like Martin Mayhew has kept things pretty close to the vest, so I wouldn't take too much away from reports about who is the front-runner for the job.  I don't think that will leak out until someone is actually hired.
  • Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will interview with the Lions today.
  • Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan isn't thinking about possible job opportunities; he is focused on getting ready for the Ravens' next game.
  • Rod Marinelli was in Houston on Thursday to interview for the Texans' defensive line job.