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Check Out Pride of Detroit on Sprint's NFL Mobile Live


I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Comcast was now a sponsor of Pride of Detroit and many of the other SB Nation football blogs.  Also a sponsor of this site and the entire NFL section of the SB Nation network is Sprint.  I'm sure you've noticed the Sprint advertisements every Sunday and Monday during the season, but I'd like to officially welcome the NFL's official telecommunications partner to Pride of Detroit and SB Nation.

As part of our partnership with Sprint, SB Nation content has been added to Sprint's NFL Mobile Live app, making it available to all of you who have the NFL's official telecommunications partner as your carrier.  In addition, Sprint was nice enough to provide the football writers with a new Palm Pre and free service, allowing us to take advantage of what I believe is one of the best phones you can own.  I have had Sprint service for a few years and was actually due for an upgrade this summer.  My hope when the Pre first came out was to upgrade to it from a Palm Centro, but that never ended up happening.  I was disappointed, but now that I have one thanks to Sprint, I can definitely say that the wait was worth it. 

The Pre can be best described as taking nearly every electronic device you own and shrinking it into a hand-held device that does basically everything.  You can surf the Internet just like you would on a regular computer, check your e-mail, watch NFL Network and other channels, listen to music, take pictures, and oh yeah, make phone calls as well.  It has all of the great features of your typical touchscreen phone, but what makes it even better is that it has a real keyboard that slides out, which is very handy.  I haven't had a chance to convert my old number over to the Pre just yet, but I still take it everywhere I go.  It's that good.

NFL Mobile Live is one of the apps on the Pre and other Sprint phones that basically lets you take the NFL with you everywhere you go.  I'm sure you've seen the Sprint commercial where the guy is listening to a game during a play, which gets him a nice elbow from his wife.  Well, that's the power of the NFL Mobile Live app.  Not only is there a comprehensive scoreboard with highlights, boxscores, drive summaries, play-by-play tables, injury reports, and more, but you can also listen to the live radio broadcasts of the game.  What's more, you can select your favorite team, setting up a "My Team" page that gives you schedules, videos, photos, and of course, content from SB Nation.  It is a great way to keep up on everything NFL-related, no matter how much you will piss off your wife in the process.

One of the other features on the NFL Mobile Live app is Sprint's Can't-Miss Plays of the Week.  Each week there will be three plays posted on NFL Mobile Live for fans to vote on.  The winner will be selected later in the week, and those that vote will be entered for a chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl down in Miami, FL.  I kindly suggest that if one of you end up winning a trip, please consider taking your humble blogger with you to Miami.  Okay, okay, I'm just kidding, but a free trip to Miami for the Super Bowl does sound fun.

It's easier to write posts like this when you have had such a great experience with the sponsor in the past, and I can definitely say that has been the case with Sprint.  The service has been tremendous the last few years, and it has only gotten better since the Pre came into my life.  Now I can update Pride of Detroit no matter where I am.  That's bad news for my professors but good news for all of you.  So thanks, Sprint!

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