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Wednesday Notes: Lions Sign Demarcus Faggins, Re-Sign John Standeford

  • The reason teams hold mass tryouts every once in a while was exemplified today, as the Lions signed free agent cornerback Demarcus Faggins.  The Lions needed to add another corner to the team after Eric King was placed on injured reserve, and Faggins tried out with the team earlier this season.  He was obviously at the top of their list of free agent corners, and he is now a member of the team. (John Niyo thinks Kevin Hobbs will become the Lions' nickel corner and Faggins will be inactive on game days for now.)
  • At the top of the Lions' list of free agent wide receivers must have been John Standeford, as he was re-signed by the team on Tuesday.  Standeford was released during the final round of cuts before the season, but he has been brought back to add depth to the wide receiver position.  What that means for the health of Calvin Johnson is beyond me, but I'm hoping the Lions just want to have depth going forward so they are never again left with only three healthy receivers during a game like they were last Sunday. 
  • On a more positive note, Sammie Hill must be healthy again based on the fact that the Lions released Chuck Darby to make room on the roster for Standeford.  Darby was brought back after Hill got banged up a few weeks ago, but the rookie must be ready to return if the Lions are willing to part with Darby.
  • The Lions not only signed a couple players on Tuesday, but they also held another tryout.  This one only included three players: offensive tackle Levi Jones, center Melvin Fowler, and defensive back Jahi Word-Daniels.
  • When Ernie Sims returns to full health, he will be one of the Lions' starting linebackers.

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  • The Lions have agreed to a deal with 97.1 The Ticket that will keep it as the team's flagship radio station for at least three more years.
  • Bidding on the Silverdome begins next month, and remember how I joked about how Pride of Detroit should buy it?  Well...
    "The Silverdome is a marquee property and in good condition, but the city can't run it properly, and it should be turned over to someone who can return it to a vibrant asset," Leeb said. "We're told there has already been considerable interest, but if the high bid is only $1, well, then that's it."
    If the auctioneers happen to stumble across this post, I am officially bidding $1 (and whatever else POD readers want to throw in) for the former home of the Lions.  The yearly costs of maintaining it would be a pain in the ass, but how sweet would it be to own the Silverdome?  I can see it now... "Hi, my name is Sean, I own the Silverdome, err, the Seandome."  Talk about a great conversation-starter.
  • Remember how Tom Lewand said a good way to sell tickets is by winning games?  I have an even better strategy: Hope and pray that the Steelers come to Ford Field more often.  At least half (probably more) of the fans at Sunday's game were waving terrible towels, and it was probably the most friendly game for an away team in the history of the NFL.  I know the Steelers travel well, but as Larry Foote pointed out, quite a few of those fans didn't even come from Pittsburgh.
    "I'm a little disappointed," Foote said. "On my way home on the freeway, I seen a lot of Michigan plates with a lot of Terrible Towels in the car. The people who live here and are Steeler fans, shame on you guys. You will be on our bandwagon sooner than later."

    Foote smiled as he spoke. He expects the Lions to turn themselves around and win over those fans.

    "These Detroiters that love Pittsburgh, they're going to have Honolulu blue on," Foote said. "People like to support a winner. I understand that. But I wanted to run some cars off the road yesterday."
    He couldn't have summed up my feelings on this any better.
  • Quite a few players were fined because of plays that happened in the Bears-Lions game earlier this month, including Adewale Ogunleye, who got docked $7,500 for the sack that injured Matthew Stafford.
  • The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation is going to pay for two new police dogs for the city of Detroit.
  • Dre' Bly is not very intelligent.
  • I knew Owen Schmitt was crazy, but I didn't know he was quite this crazy.
  • How's this for a stat: All of the Redskins' first six games will end up being played against winless teams.  Here's an even better stat: Not counting the Giants (the Redskins' Week 1 opponent), Washington's opponents have a combined record of 2-22, and both of those wins came against the 'Skins.

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