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My Experience with Comcast's NFL RedZone Channel

Because the Lions were on a bye, there is no red zone recap this week.  Instead, the weekly post sponsored by Comcast's NFL RedZone Channel will take a look at my experience with it from a couple Sundays ago.

When I first announced that Comcast was coming on board as a sponsor, one of the things I mentioned was that my brother had told me how much he loved NFL RedZone.  I could certainly imagine why, but it wasn't until a couple Sundays ago that I got a first-hand look at why this is such an awesome channel.

I was home for a few days during the weekend of the Packers game, meaning I finally got a chance to check out NFL RedZone (I have Comcast at my house)I only briefly checked it out during the Lions-Packers game since I was busy watching that, but as soon as it ended I flipped over to NFL RedZone and immediately realized why my brother was such a big fan of it.  For someone like me, who cares about how his fantasy players are doing and just enjoys seeing other games, this was like heaven.  I got to watch the end of the early games, including the exciting finishes to the Vikings-Ravens and Jaguars-Rams games.  Then, when the late games began, I basically saw every important play that happened.  I got to track Tom Brady's amazing performance that caused me to lose a fantasy game, and I also watched as the Eagles choked against the Raiders, eliminating me in POD's survivor pool.

One warning I do have is that if you actually want to get things done, it's not a good idea to watch NFL RedZone.  Usually this season I have posted a recap of the Lions' game right after it is over, but it took me at least an hour to write it this time because there was constant action on NFL RedZone.  There were no commercials, so with there always being football on my TV, it was tough to stay focused on writing a recap.

I definitely wish I had access to NFL RedZone every week, but it's probably a good thing for all of you that I don't, because I wouldn't be very productive on Sundays if I could watch that channel.

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