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Matthew Stafford Twists Knee; Severity of Injury Unknown

Near the end of the Lions' only scoring drive of the second half, Matthew Stafford injured his right knee on a sack.  He was brought down pretty awkwardly, with his entire body being spun around.  As a result, he twisted his right knee and went down in pain.  He grabbed the back of his injured knee and limped off the field, where he was treated by the trainers and given the OK to go back in the game initially.  After walking around to test it out, however, Stafford was too sore to return to the game.

"He twisted his knee a little bit," coach Jim Schwartz said. "Obviously we’ll have to do a lot of tests and those kind of things. He wasn’t able to really get it warmed back up again, and we didn’t want to put him back in the game."

Asked if he thought he could play next Sunday against Pittsburgh, Stafford said: "I don’t know. We’ll see."

Schwartz also said that Stafford would have returned to the game if he was healthy enough.  There was some speculation that since the Lions were basically out of the game by that time, there was no point to put Stafford in and risk further injury.  That very well may have been the case, but Schwartz isn't about to admit it.

I'm sure we will hear more about the severity of Stafford's injury tomorrow after he gets tests done on it.

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