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7,000 Tickets Remain for Sunday's Game

It looks like Sunday's game between the Lions and Browns is headed for a blackout.  7,000 tickets are still available for Sunday's game, and the deadline to reach a sellout is 1 p.m. tomorrow.  Of course, if the Lions somehow sell a few thousand tickets and show that they can reach a sellout, then a 24-hour extension will be granted on the deadline.  If that doesn't happen, though, the game will almost certainly be blacked out.

So far this season there have only been two blackouts -- when the Redskins and Rams came to Detroit.  Before the Rams game was officially ruled a blackout, there were around 10,000 tickets, so having only 7,000 available is at least an improvement.

The Lions have another home game a week from tomorrow, but considering that is the Thanksgiving game and the Packers are Detroit's opponent, there is no chance that will be blacked out.  Even last year the Lions sold out the Thanksgiving game against the Titans, so with Green Bay coming to town, I'd bet on it being sold out.  I'd also bet on seeing a lot of cheese heads at Ford Field.  It's less than ideal to have opposing fans take over your team's stadium, but if that means I can actually watch the game, I'm fine with it.

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