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Wednesday Notes: Stephen Peterman, Ernie Sims, Others Miss Practice

  • According to John Niyo, the players listed below missed practiced today for the Lions.
    Quick injury update from practice: Guard Stephen Peterman (ankle), linebacker Ernie Sims (hamstring), defensive end Dewayne White (toe), safety Kalvin Pearson (hamstring) and receiver Derrick Williams (hip) all are sitting out today.
    Also according to Niyo, Daniel Loper has stepped in for Peterman at right guard.
  • Louis Delmas, who didn't end up playing against Minnesota because of an infected tooth, did practice, as did Larry Foote and Phillip Buchanon, who are both recovering from injuries. 
  • According to Jim Schwartz, Anthony Henry is going to be active this Sunday and will be "in a lot of different roles."  Schwartz specifically mentioned that Henry can play at outside cornerback, nickel cornerback, and safety.
  • Joshua Cribbs, perhaps the Browns' best player, missed practice today because of an injury that happened on the last play of Monday's game against the Ravens.  The game was basically over, but Cribbs was still out there playing and had to be taken off the field on a stretcher after receiving a big hit.  Why you would have a player like that out there when the game has already been decided is beyond me, but this is Eric Mangini we are talking about.  He may be one of the most incompetent coaches I've ever seen (the NFLPA is reportedly going to Cleveland to investigate his practice methods for crying out loud), and if you don't already think that, wait until you read the next bullet.  As for Cribbs, he merely hopes to play on Sunday.  For the Lions' sake, I hope he takes this game off, because he owned Detroit in the preseason.
  • Vikings cornerback Benny Sapp talked up Calvin Johnson yesterday, calling him the "best receiver in the league, hands down."  He also said this about Megatron:
    "He's like the LeBron James of football because of his size, speed and his knowledge of the game."
    What's funny is that if Eric Mangini had it his way, LeBron James would be the LeBron James of football.  James talked on Tuesday about how he could become a football player if he was committed to it, and Mangini said this about the possibility of him playing for a different Cleveland team:
    "I think he should come on down," Mangini said.
    Shaun Rogers was a bit more skeptical, but for marketing reasons alone I wouldn't hesitate to sign LeBron James if he truly wanted to become an NFL player.  Still, Mangini must be pretty desperate if he has no qualms about an NBA player joining the team.  Then again, without Joshua Cribbs, the Browns' top receiver is Mohamed Massaquoi, who was one of Matthew Stafford's targets at Georgia last year.  Maybe signing James wouldn't be such a bad idea considering how little talent the Browns currently have, especially since Mangini thinks that the Cleveland Cavalier could play outside linebacker, wide receiver, and tight end.
  • The Lions have already been eliminated from contending for the NFC North title
  • A Canadian real estate company won the auction for the Silverdome and will buy it for only $583,000.  The plans for the Silverdome are to refurbish it and try to bring a Major League Soccer team to the area.  To that I say good luck, because the Silverdome is way, way too big for an MLS team.  Also, the commissioner of MLS sort of shot down the idea already, so I hope the new owners have a plan B.  Regardless, it's nice to see that there are actually plans to do something with the Lions' former stadium, though I'm saddened that there will be no Pride of Detroit Dome.
  • Staying on the topic of the Silverdome, there is a story on WDIV's website about how a local development company is going to try to block the sale of the stadium to the Canadian real estate company.  Why?
    Silver Stallion lawyers said the company offered to purchase the stadium for $20 million but the negotiations broke down.

    Silver Stallion, which describes itself as a minority company, claims that the city breached contract and racially discriminated against them.
    I had to laugh when I read that.  Yeah, the city of Pontiac turned down an extra $19.4 million because they didn't want to sell it to a minority company.  Oh common sense, where art thou?
  • I'm going to blame all of the recent injuries on Tom Kowalski because he jinxed the Lions about 40 minutes before Sunday's game.
    The Lions, though, aren't really in need of roster spots at this point in the season. The Lions are in relatively good shape physically -- Sims is believed to be the only player on today's inactive list because of an injury. The rest of the inactives are coaching decisions.
    The inactive list will definitely not include only one injured player this week.

    (The above quote is from Kowalski's story about how Ernie Sims' injury reportedly isn't season-ending, by the way.)
  • It was nice not having Brett Favre in the division last year, because he owns the Lions.
  • This week's SB Nation power rankings have been posted.
  • Jon Gruden signed an extension with ESPN, meaning he won't be getting a job in the NFL (or with Notre Dame) anytime soon.
  • The Bills fired Dick Jauron.
  • The Bengals signed Larry Johnson.
  • Vikings coach Brad Childress is likely going to receive a contract extension in the near future.  I'm fine with that, because Childress really doesn't seem like that great of a head coach.  Some of the decisions he made on Sunday left me scratching my head, and if it weren't for Brett Favre, he would probably be on the hot seat right now.

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