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Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson Miss Practice

Both Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson missed practice on Tuesday, and it looks like the chances of either playing against the Packers on Thanksgiving are slim.  Stafford's shoulder, though it is feeling a bit better, doesn't seem to be very close to returning to full strength, or at least healing enough to the point where he could play on Thursday.  As for Calvin Johnson, he has a knee and hand issue, and it doesn't look like he will play unless both injuries suddenly heal in the next day or so.

Also missing practice on Tuesday for the Lions were Dewayne White, Ernie Sims, Kalvin Pearson, and Ko Simpson.  Simpson is for sure out on Thursday and might even be out for the season with a knee injury.  The Lions are waiting to see if he will need to be placed on injured reserve, and I imagine a decision will be made after the game on Thursday.  Replacing Simpson in the lineup this week will likely be Marvin White, though Anthony Henry could also be in the mix to start.

One thing is for sure: Thanksgiving couldn't have come at a worse time for the Lions.  It figures that the Lions' one short week of the year would follow a game in which Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and a few others got hurt.  Had the injuries happened on, say Thanksgiving, chances are Stafford and Megatron wouldn't miss any games because of the extra time off.  Of course, with the way the schedule is set up, those two could very well only miss one game, but I just wish it wasn't against the Packers on national television.  Here's to hoping for a Thanksgiving miracle in the form of their injuries suddenly rapidly healing or Daunte Culpepper and company getting their act together and pulling off the upset.

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