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Playoffs? Playoffs?

The Pride of Detroit fantasy football playoffs are now underway, so I want to congratulate everybody who has made it this far, and I also want to thank everybody for participating.  It was a lot of fun watching everything transpire in the four leagues.

I personally am glad to say that I have made it to the playoffs in all four POD leagues.  I actually ended up finishing 8-5 in three of the leagues and 7-6 in the other.  That overall performance gave me a total of one divisional title, one share of a divisional title (not technically recognized because tiebreakers settle who actually wins the division), and one first-round bye.  My seeds aren't great in two of the leagues (I'm the 5th and 6th seed), but I'm just happy to be in the playoffs in every league.  I barely managed to make it this far in the league where I finished 7-6, but everything went my way last week, allowing me to go to the playoffs.

Below is a rundown of some interesting things from each league.

Main League

Division Champions: Nate D., KDawg, & ahtrap

Best Record: KDawg (10-3)

Worst Record: CLF, JCruize, & lions_sucker (3-10)

Overflow League 1

Division Champions: Sean Yuille, thePROD1GY, & londonlion

Best Record: thePROD1GY (9-4)

Worst Record: BtotheLT (2-11)

Overflow League 2

Division Champions: ZWC11, kevough, & Scotty G

Best Record: ZWC11 & Scotty G (10-3)

Worst Record: beef99 (0-13) narrowly edged Wad (1-12)

Overflow League 3

Division Champions: seven.twentytwo (despite not even touching his team for the last 2 months), homerhft, & flypay

Best Record: seven.twentytwo, Sean Yuille, homerhft, flypay, & BennieBladesFan (8-5; woo parirty!)

Worst Record: otomelara & sgdbw90 (4-9)

Good luck to everybody in the playoffs and look for another update when the champions are crowned.