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Ravens Run Over, Embarrass Lions 48-3

Where to even begin?

It's tough for me to even describe what transpired in Baltimore today, but the term "epic fail" seems to sum up the offense, defense, and special teams.  It was just a complete embarrassment in all areas of the game, and Baltimore blew the Lions out of the stadium, winning 48-3. 

Believe it or not, but this game was actually close early on.  It didn't stay like that for long, though, because the Ravens proceeded to essentially kick the Lions between the legs over and over and over and over en route to this ridiculous blowout.  I don't even feel like discussing how the score became 48-3 on a specific play-by-play basis right now (I will save that for the drive-by-drive breakdown), so let's just run through today's events in bullet form.

  • Ray Rice ran for 166 yards and 1 touchdown on only 13 carries.  He added 53 yards on 4 catches, meaning he ended up with 219 total yards despite only touching the ball 17 times.  On top of that, he exited the game fairly early on in the second half since it was basically over with.  Most of his stats were accumulated in the first half, yet he still managed to put up some ridiculous numbers.
  • As a team, the Ravens ended up with 548 total yards (240 passing, 308 rushing).  Even the Ravens' backups were making the Lions' defense look like a joke.  (The Lions only ended up with 229 total yards, by the way.)
  • You know what also looked like a joke?  Daunte Culpepper and the Lions' offense except for Kevin Smith.  Culpepper just absolutely sucks.  There's not much else to say about him.  For some reason the coaches decided to leave him in the entire game, which makes me wonder how bad Drew Stanton must be for him to not even get a chance to play.  Culpepper went 16/34 and finished the day with 2 interceptions and 135 yards.  I think Jason Hanson would be a better option at quarterback than him at this point.
  • Kevin Smith played fairly well considering the circumstances and ended up with 69 yards on 21 carries before his day came to an end in the fourth quarter.  Smith made an awkward cut and immediately went to the ground in serious pain.  It appears that he injured his left knee very badly, as he had to be carted off the field.  I'm not a doctor, nor do I attempt to play one on this site, but my guess is that he tore his ACL and possibly some other ligaments.  At the very least I expect his season to be over.  Let's just hope that he can get back in time for training camp.  That seems like a long time from now, but the injury seemed to be that bad.

(More fail after the jump)

  • I have never seen such a pathetic tackling effort in my entire life.  Jim Schwartz looked like he was about to murder someone every time the Lions missed an easy tackle, and I wouldn't have blamed him one bit if he had.  The defense had made some progress before today, but all of that progress was erased by their awful play in Baltimore.  Even on the last real play of the game Le'Ron McClain managed to shake off about four or five Lions defenders to move the chains on 4th and 1.  It looked like the play was over multiple times, but the defenders couldn't manage to bring him down. 
  • Daunte Culpepper sucks.  Yes, it needs to be repeated.  Why the coaches left him in all game is beyond me.  If I ever see him on the field again in a Lions uniform I may throw up.
  • Some things Jim Schwartz can't really be blamed for, such as having a really crappy group of players.  But some of the decisions he made today were just mind-boggling.  Leaving Culpepper in, as mentioned, is one of them.  I don't care how bad Drew Stanton may be in practice or whatever the reason is for him not getting to play, but give him a freaking shot.  There is no way he can be worse than Culpepper, and even if he is just as bad, at least we would find out for sure.  Other questionable decisions include leaving players like Kevin Smith and Calvin Johnson in when the Ravens were already up by a score of 40-something to 3.  I can understand wanting them to not give up regardless of the score, but when you're down 48-3, Calvin Johnson should not be in the game, especially after Smith already suffered a serious injury when the score was 41-3.
  • There's plenty more to talk about, but I'm spent after watching this game (and I only really saw the second half).  This was quite possibly one of the worst games I have ever seen, and that's saying something considering how bad the Lions have been in the past.  All I will say to close out this post is let's hope Matthew Stafford returns next week, Kevin Smith's injury isn't as serious as I think it is, and the coaches finally realize what a piece of garbage Daunte Culpepper is and demote him to third string.  Seriously, Culpepper is freaking terrible.  I can't repeat this point enough.

Leave your thoughts in the comments and let this serve as the official meltdown post.  It's not often I am quite this negative, but today's performance sent me over the edge.  At this point I have officially lost all interest in the 2009 season, though I suppose having Stafford back could change that a little bit.  Even so, who else is ready for April?

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