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Tuesday Notes: Kevin Smith to Have Surgey on Injured Knee

  • As mentioned in a FanShot, Kevin Smith is out for the season and will have surgery on his injured knee.  Smith has "at least a knee ligament injury," but Jim Schwartz cautioned that multiple ligaments could be damaged.  The thing is that we won't know for sure until Smith actually has the surgery and doctors can get a better look at it.  It is very common for other ligaments to be damaged at the same time as the ACL, so there is definitely a chance that Smith could have injured his MCL or PCL as well.  Let's hope it was only his ACL, but Schwartz certainly didn't sound too optimistic on Monday.
  • Louis Delmas left Sunday's game fairly early on after re-injuring his ankle.  Schwartz didn't discuss just how severe the injury might be, but he didn't sound too concerned, either, saying that he was "encouraged by the tests that have come back."  Let's hope the injury isn't anything big and he will be back against Arizona.
  • Longsnapper Don Muhlbach left Sunday's game after hurting his arm and also possibly sustaining a concussion.  He actually was on a cart on the sideline, and Schwartz officially declared Muhlbach's status as "up in the air."  Dominic Raiola did a decent job filling in for Muhlbach, though the snap on one field goal was a bit low.  I don't know if the Lions will just have Raiola handle the longsnapping duties if Muhlbach can't play this week or if they will bring someone else in, but you would think with a week of practice Raiola could do a good enough job to take over for Muhlbach for another game.
  • Based on what Jim Schwartz said on Monday, I wouldn't expect to see Aaron Brown returning kicks anytime soon unless there is an injury to Derrick Williams.
  • Baltimore's Terrell Suggs insinuated that the Lions, specifically Terrelle Smith, went after his injured knee on Sunday.
  • An "uncut" video of Matthew Stafford mic'd up during the final moments of the Browns game has been posted on
  • Bill Ford Jr. is too busy with Ford to deal with the Lions now-a-days.  Specifically, he said that he is "quite out of touch" with what's going on with the Lions.

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