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Saturday Notes: Daunte Culpepper to Start on Sunday

  • Matthew Stafford is doubtful for tomorrow's game, and as a result Daunte Culpepper will start again.  Culpepper has only led the Lions to one field goal in his last two starts, and with Kevin Smith done for the season and Calvin Johnson questionable, there aren't many signs that that will change against Arizona.
  • Speaking of Calvin, he and Louis Delmas practiced yesterday.  Aaron Brown did not, however, because of a knee injury.  Dennis Northcutt and Don Muhlbach also missed practice.
  • I have tried to avoid talking about the recent debate regarding trading Calvin Johnson, which really has come about simply because there's not much else to talk about.  Well, I will talk about it once, but only to relay what Jim Schwartz and Scott Linehan think about the idea.  Both pretty much sum up my thoughts on the situation.
    "Yeah, um, we're in the process of trying to acquire good players, not let good players leave," coach Jim Schwartz said. "If we've learned anything from history, it's to value talent and not to discard it."
    "To me, it's completely insane,'' Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said. "Calvin Johnson is one of the best receivers in football and he's had to struggle through some things this year from a health standpoint, but once you've got one of those, you don't want to lose him. That's one man's opinion. I would be pretty depressed.
    Listen, if another team's general manager has a few too many one night and calls up Martin Mayhew with an absolutely ridiculous offer, obviously the Lions would listen.  But since that is beyond unlikely, can we please just try to move on to other topics?  I know it feels like the offseason has already started, but there are plenty of other things we can talk about that are far more likely and far less infuriating than Calvin Johnson being traded.
  • Marvin White was fined $7,500 for a horse-collar tackle in the Ravens game.
  • Cliff Avril put up a new post on his blog about his and the team's struggles this season.
  • Another attempt to stop the sale of the Silverdome has been thrown out.

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