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Lions 1,000 Tickets Away From Sellout; Culpepper to Start?

With around a day left until the deadline for a sellout, the Lions are in very good shape, having only 1,000 tickets left for when the Bears come to Ford Field on Sunday.  Although the Lions still have to sell the remaining tickets, even if they don't do it by the Thursday deadline, the league would for sure grant a 24-hour extension since the team is so close.  Usually in situations like this the Lions will reach a sellout no matter what, and since this is the season finale, I'd say there's a 99.9% chance that there will be no blackout for a change.

It's probably a good thing the Lions have sold as many tickets as they have already, because if the news below got out earlier than it did, chances are people on the fence about whether or not they should go to the game would forget the idea.

Daunte Culpepper was taking the first-team reps in the early portion of practice open to the media Wednesday -- ahead of Drew Stanton, who was ineffective and benched in the fourth quarter of his first career NFL start last week at San Francisco.

I just do not understand the point in starting Culpepper.  Was Stanton awful against San Francisco?  Absolutely.  However, it was his first career start, and it's not like Culpepper has shown anything special.  Hell, the Lions haven't scored a touchdown with him at quarterback since the Steelers game.  I don't see the point in giving Culpepper another chance to play when we have already seen more than enough of him to begin with.  Stanton deserves another opportunity to be the starter, but then again, if he's not even getting a second week of first-team reps, any real chance of him continuing to learn and gain more experience is pretty much thrown out the window.

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