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Stafford Out Against Baltimore; Culpepper to Start; Williams Fails Physical

Although Jim Schwartz initially planned on keeping things tight-lipped to prevent Baltimore from gaining more knowledge than they needed, he decided today to go ahead and announce that Matthew Stafford is out this week.  Daunte Culpepper will be the starting quarterback, and I sort of think the reason Schwartz decided to announce a decision now is to prevent another miscommunication from happening like on Thanksgiving.  Culpepper thought he was going to start, as did basically everybody, but Stafford ended up playing instead.

"I think the potential benefits of announcing it outweigh the benefits of holding on to it," Schwartz said, adding that he didn't want the media scrutiny to be a distraction throughout the week, especially with the decision already made.

Schwartz also said that Stafford's injury hasn't gotten any worse and that they have simply decided to shut him down for a week to let his shoulder heal.

It also came out today that Maurice Williams, the offensive lineman the Lions claimed on Monday, failed his physical and will not be joining the team.  Instead the Lions signed offensive lineman Corey Hilliard, who was on the Browns' practice squad.