Jason Hanson

I'm going to take a different road than pretty much everyone here.

Let him go.

He will be 39 at the begginning of this year, but when the Lions are decent and god forbid playoff worthy again he will be at least 41, maybe 42.

If we let him walk we will save approx. 2 million dollars of salary (assuming we sign a rookie at the league min) that could be used to upgrade a couple role players. I know we have a ton of cap space so it won't really hurt us to keep him at that 2.5 million range but does it really help us to keep him. What so we lose 28-9 instead of 28-6.

Now I get the fact that a role player isn't going to take us over the top in these years, but I think with the right high energy guys they could bring a positive attitude (and every little bit helps) to a franchise in despair. Hanson isn't a ra ra guy from what I can tell, he just makes kicks on a bad team. Which brings me to my biggest concern.

Hanson hasn't been on a winner in 8 years. How do we know that in three years when we are a playoff hopeful he will handle the pressure of a kick in Lambeau or Soldier Field. The only pressure kick I remember from the last 8 years was against Dallas 2 seasons ago. Would have put us up by 2 scores with very little time to play, he Shanked it from 36 yards, we lose and fall to 6-7 I believe. This was a chance for our season to right it self and he shanked it. I know it was one kick, but what else do I have to go on. The fact he was 8 of 8 from beyond 50 this year on an 0-16 team.

Now if we keep him, Ill be alright because I do appreciate his time with this team, but I won't be raising a stink if we let him go.



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