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Tuesday Notes: More Opinions Needed for Mock Draft

  • I asked for your opinion yesterday and of the 330 of you that voted, 89% said to decline the trade I was offered by the Browns blogger in a mock draft I'm participating in. That is exactly what I ended up doing, but now I need some opinions on who I should draft #1 overall. I have included a poll at the end of this post with a list of potential picks, and the one with the most votes will likely end up being selected. (By the way, right now I'm leaning toward jumping on the Aaron Curry bandwagon. He ran a 4.54 40-yard dash at the combine yesterday and does seem like the "safest" pick out there.)
  • Quarterback Dan Orlovsky, who is set to become a free agent on Friday, declined an offer to return to the Lions as a backup. As mentioned in a FanShot yesterday, he is going to test free agency to see if he can get a better offer. I don't know if he wants more money or simply the chance to compete, but I suspect it is more of the latter based on these new quotes in the AP story.
    "You question how come he just got given the job," Orlovsky said in a phone interview. "I mean, you're not going to restructure somebody's deal and say, 'Oh, it's a competition.' So it's tough.

    "I think looking at the film and watching Sundays and looking at the statistics, it doesn't make sense why the move was made to me, from my end."
    I am completely on Orlovsky's side in this argument not only because he was better than Daunte Culpepper last season, but also because it is ridiculous that Culpepper was basically handed the job. What Mike Furrey said during a radio interview about Culpepper already being named the starter does seem to be true. On the depth chart it may not be that way, but the front office has clearly made the decision to go with Culpepper. I don't blame Orlovsky one bit for wanting to test free agency. If I were him I would try to run from this franchise as fast as possible.
  • Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry is going to buy his mom whatever she needs before doing anything else with his first NFL paycheck.
  • Jim Schwartz talked with Peter King about Matthew Stafford.
  • Jason Hanson once gave a high school kicker from Royal Oak named Eddie Murray some advice, and Murray is now going to be a preferred walk-on at the University of Michigan. What's very coincidental about this is the kicker's name. Eddie Murray is the same name of the kicker that Hanson replaced when he came to Detroit. There is no relation between the former Lion and the high schooler other than the fact that they share the same name, but it is pretty interesting nonetheless.

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