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Lions Sign Cornerback Eric King; Two Others Visiting

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The Lions have signed former Titans cornerback Eric King to a two-year deal worth $4 million. King was a backup in Tennessee, and according to Tom Kowalski, the expectation is that he will fill a similar role in Detroit. That means that the Lions are still looking for two starting cornerbacks.

Another former Titans cornerback, Chris Carr, may also be on his way to Detroit. Carr is reportedly going to visit the Lions this weekend. The appeal of signing him is that he is also a kick returner, and a good one at that. According to an article about Carr from The Tennessean, the Titans led the league in kickoff returns in 2008. Considering the Lions have struggled returning kicks for quite some time now, adding Carr would be a good move for that reason alone.

Wide receiver Michael Clayton is also expected to visit the Lions this weekend.

Eric King

Cornerback / Detroit Lions



May 10, 1982

Wake Forest