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Who to Draft with Pick #20?

I am on the clock again in the Football Burrito mock draft, and I need ideas for who I should select with the 20th overall pick.  Remember, I used the top overall pick on linebacker Aaron Curry, so I'd obviously like to use the 20th selection on another position.  That's not to say that you shouldn't suggest a linebacker if you feel like a certain player is too good to pass up, but I'd rather go in a different direction.

Before you leave a comment sharing your idea on who to use, here is a quick look at who has already been picked:

  1. LB Aaron Curry (Lions)
  2. OT Eugene Monroe (Rams)
  3. OT Jason Smith (Chiefs)
  4. QB Matthew Stafford (Seahawks)
  5. LB Rey Maualuga (Browns)
  6. OT Andre Smith (Bengals)
  7. WR Michael Crabtree (Raiders)
  8. CB Malcolm Jenkins (Jaguars)
  9. DE/OLB Everette Brown (Packers)
  10. DE/OLB Brian Orakpo (49ers)
  11. DE Aaron Maybin (Bills)
  12. DT B.J. Raji (Broncos)
  13. OT Michael Oher (Redskins)
  14. LB Brian Cushing (Saints)
  15. QB Mark Sanchez (Buccaneers; Pick traded to TB by HOU)
  16. DE Tyson Jackson (Chargers)
  17. WR Jeremy Maclin (Jets)
  18. WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (Bears)
  19. LB Clay Matthews (Texans; Pick traded to HOU by TB)