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Friday Notes: Lions Schedule Visit with Aaron Curry

  • Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry is going to visit the Lions on Sunday.  Jason Smith and Matthew Stafford visited earlier this week, and I'm sure there will be a few more that come to Allen Park in the next couple of weeks.
  • Don Banks' latest mock draft has the Lions taking Baylor OT Jason Smith with the top pick and Mississippi DT Peria Jerry with the #20 pick.  That sounds good to me, though I would prefer a linebacker to be drafted if the Lions take an OT with the #1 pick.
  • Wayne Fontes left a lasting impression on a veteran NFL official for a very interesting reason.
    Then there are other coaches that scream and yell to get their way.  I remember once in Detroit, Wayne Fontes was the coach then, and I spotted the ball on third down and he's yelling and the Lions have to punt.  Then he comes up to me during the TV timeout and says, 'Tom.  That was a good spot.  You hit it right on the head.'  I said, 'Well then why are you yelling at me?'  And he said, 'Tom, if I don't do that then the fans up there don't think I'm doing my job.'
    That definitely sounds like something Wayne Fontes would do. (HT: Highlight Reel)
  • What is a great way to damage your credibility with only one paragraph?  In my opinion, at least, compare Matthew Stafford to Dan Marino.
  • I don't want to be too judgmental, but does Andre Smith look like an NFL player to any of you?
  • Albert Haynesworth was indicted for a pair of misdemeanor traffic charges.