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Lions Trade Cory Redding, Draft Pick to Seahawks for Julian Peterson's Alex Marvez is reporting that the Lions have traded defensive tackle Cory Redding and a fifth-round pick to the Seahawks for linebacker Julian Peterson (a former Michigan State player).

What exactly does this trade mean for the draft?  I'm not all that sure.  At first glance many will probably assume this means that Aaron Curry will not be taken with the top overall pick, but I don't think that's necessarily true.  If Curry were drafted, he would move inside to be the quarterback of the Lions' defense.  I don't know if the Lions would draft a player that would end up being moved, though, so the odds of Curry being selected certainly decrease.  Even so, it's still a possibility.

As far as the defensive tackle position goes, there is now an even bigger need than before.  Obviously the Lions are content with Grady Jackson and Chuck Darby, but there isn't very much depth behind them.  I would say the odds of the Lions drafting a defensive tackle with one of their first three picks definitely increase.  I wish they could have traded down to Seattle's #4 pick as part of this deal, allowing them to draft DT B.J. Raji, but there is very little hope that a trade involving the #1 pick will ever happen.  Even so, this is a good deal that upgrades the linebacker corps immediately.

UPDATE: The Lions have confirmed the trade.