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Person, Capsized Boat Found Off Florida's Gulf Coast

The Coast Guard has recovered one person after finding him clinging to a capsized boat about 38 miles west of Tampa Bay.  The person that was found is Nick Schuyler, and he is alive and talking, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

Nick Schuyler is alive and talking, said his dad, Stuart Schuyler, who was briefed by the Coast Guard. Schuyler is being taken to Tampa General Hospital.

Stuart Schuyler said he has been praying and frantically awaiting word since Sunday. Asked how he feels now, Schuyler said: "Like God heard me."

No word yet on what happened to Corey Smith, Marquis Cooper, or William Bleakley, but this certainly gives me hope that they will be found.  Then again, if Schuyler was clinging to Cooper's boat, then that leads me to believe the other three are somewhere out in the water.  I just hope they had life jackets or life preservers on.

I'll have more updates as they come out.

UPDATE: According to FOX 13 in Tampa, Smith, Cooper, and Bleakley were wearing life jackets.  Let's hope the Coast Guard can find them as well.

UPDATE II: Schuyler is in serious condition, but he was conscious and had a life vest on when the Coast Guard rescued him.  Apparently the boat was anchored when it flipped over.  Schuyler clung on to the boat until he was rescued.  There are still no updates on the other three missing men.


Schuyler reportedly told authorities that all of the boaters were alive and together at about 2 a.m., but somewhow got separated.

A Coast Guard spokesman told FOX News that they were optimistic the remaining boaters, who are believed to be wearing life jackets, would be found alive. Weather conditions had also calmed down.

Let's hope for the best.