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Tuesday Notes: Lions Get One Compensatory Draft Pick

  • The Lions received a seventh-round compensatory draft pick.  They didn't get the pick for losing a free agent.  The NFL had a couple slots available and handed them out in the order of the draft.  The Lions got the 255th overall pick, which is second-to-last.  The Chiefs will be picking Mr. Irrelevant this year.
  • While the Lions have started contract negotiations with potential #1 picks, Aaron Curry isn't one of them, at least not yet.
  • If the Lions were to draft Aaron Curry, they could have someone nicknamed Megatron on offense and someone I would start calling "The Polar Bear" on defense.
    Curry on one of the strangest questions he got during NFL combine interviews:

    "They asked me if I was an animal what animal what would I be? I told them a polar bear because of their abilty to survive in extreme conditions."
    I think describing the Lions the last 9 or so years as being in extreme conditions would be appropriate, not that that is what Curry was necessarily referencing. (HT: Highlight Reel)
  • Jim Schwartz doesn't think it is necessary to find a franchise quarterback with the top overall pick of the draft.  There are plenty of other options out there, and I'm glad Schwartz gets that.
  • The cause for the delay in the announcement of the Julian Peterson-Cory Redding trade was something that happened during Redding's medical exam.  Apparently there was some concern over a tendon in one of his knees, prompting more tests to be necessary.  Once the tests were done, the Seahawks felt better about whatever was discovered and the trade became official.
  • Jordon Dizon is expected to stay at outside linebacker.
  • I have to say, Jim Schwartz is a pretty funny guy.
  • University of Tennessee cornerback DeAngelo Willingham worked out for the Lions in a private session.
  • John Clayton thinks the Lions have the best chance of trading for Jay Cutler since they have the top overall pick.  I actually think that hurts them since very few teams want the top overall pick for money reasons, but I suppose in a three-team trade it would be very handy.
  • Although Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is now pushing the "Cutler is our quarterback" line, it doesn't seem like Cutler is buying it.  McDaniels sent Cutler a text message before the NFL owners meetings and hasn't gotten a response yet.
  • The 2009 SB Nation Mock Draft will begin on Wednesday.
  • It looks like that report about people wanting the draft to be moved to February was inaccurate, at least according to Falcons president Rich McKay.
  • Shaun Cody agreed to a three-year deal with the Texans.