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Lions New Logo Leaks Out on

When new logos for a sports team come out before they are supposed to, it generally is because of merchandise that hits the shelves, or in this case, the Internet, too quickly. That is exactly what happened with the Lions, as a toy tractor trailer has officially given away what the new logo and new script looks like. Take a look:


I was shown the same pair of logos last week by someone in the know, but it is now safe to say this is the new "Bubbles." The changes are minor, but they make Bubbles look stronger and more like a Lion. They are an improvement in my opinion. Also, assuming the description of the uniform I received is also accurate, the changes made to the jerseys will be minor as well. I'm sure it's now only a matter of time until we get a look at those as well.

(A big HT to the Highlight Reel for uncovering this.)