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Getting Ready for the Draft

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In case you haven't already, make sure to check out the "2009 NFL Draft HQ" in the right sidebar.  It includes the following things:

  • Draft Tracker - The order for all seven rounds of the draft.  It will be updated during both days of the draft to let you know who the latest picks are.
  • Lions Draft Picks - Similar to the tracker, there is a table listing the Lions' current picks.  It will also be updated when the picks are made.
  • SBN Mock Draft - The logo links to the latest write-ups over at Mocking the Draft, and the tracker provides a table of the picks that have been made.  Pride of Detroit selected Aaron Curry with the top overall pick, by the way.
  • NFL Draft Widget - A handy draft widget from

Coming soon I will have a mock draft database and a draft board with my rankings of the top three players at each position.  Expect those to be added to Draft HQ in the coming weeks.  Also, I am going to post plans for a Pride of Detroit mock draft sometime soon, so look out for that.

As far as the actual two days of the draft go, I will have open threads and live updates galore during both days.  I have live-blogged the draft the last two years, but this year I will provide live updates in the comments section of the open threads and post new stories when the Lions do something.