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Friday Notes: Stanton's Future Doesn't Look Promising

  • Drew Stanton's future with the Lions doesn't look so hot.  And yes, as mentioned in the article I just linked to, the Lions should have drafted David Harris instead of Stanton.  If they had, we wouldn't be worried about the Lions needing to find another starting linebacker.
  • Since the Lions have so many picks, Jim Schwartz wants to draft based on talent first.  Need will obviously play a role, but he would prefer to make picks based on talent before anything else it sounds like.
  • Jim Mora Jr. had positive things to say about new Lions and former Seahawks Julian Peterson, Will Heller, and Maurice Morris.
  • Daunte Culpepper visited a school on Wednesday and was asked the tough question of "Why did the Lions go 0-16 last year?"
  • Jim Schwartz used a picture of the 100-meter final from the 2004 Summer Olympics to demonstrate his point about having both talent and good technique.
  • Dave Birkett doesn't think the Lions have a whole lot of bargaining power with the top pick because the same agency represents Matthew Stafford and Jason Smith.