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Tuesday Notes: Buchanon Visits Lions; Washington Signs with Titans

  • Unfortunately, a story reported yesterday by a CBS affiliate in Tampa that Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper was found alive was untrue.  None of the three men still missing have been located, and hope is quickly beginning to fade.  Even though one person was rescued yesterday, the problem is that the three men still missing aren't clinging to the boat.  They are most likely out in the water drifting around, making it harder for the Coast Guard to locate them. 

    On top of that, hypothermia is becoming a big concern considering the three missing men have probably been in the water for quite some time.  Each hour that passes by makes the chances of a happy ending to this story unlikely, as a person can usually only survive in 62-degree water (the temperature where the boat capsized) for a maximum of 40 hours.  That's not to say that a miracle couldn't happen, but hope is fading.

    The three men still missing and their families are in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Cornerback Phillip Buchanon was scheduled to visit with the Lions on Monday night.  The Lions have hosted a few corners for visits since free agency began, so it is no surprise that another one took place on Monday.  Detroit has a need for two starting CBs, and it would be nice if they could fill one or both of those holes before the draft.  Anthony Henry most likely will be one of the starters, but the more depth the better at this point.
  • Another cornerback that visited the Lions on Monday, Chris Carr, left without a deal.  He also visited the Browns on Monday and is considering re-signing with the Titans.
  • The Lions announced the signing of wide receiver Bryant Johnson.
  • Jon Kitna talked about his time in Detroit and his future with the Cowboys.  The one statement that stuck out the most to me was this: "And then last year getting put on injured reserve after the fourth game and I wasn't even around, wasn't really welcome into the locker room and all those things."  When, for whatever reason, Kitna was shelved for the season despite not having a season-ending injury, it was clear that his days as a Lion were coming to a close.
  • Thanks to Detroit and Tampa Bay's involvement in trade talks with the Broncos about Jay Cutler, the quarterback is now pretty pissed off at his new coach and the franchise in general.  He didn't like the fact that his name was thrown around in trade talks, leading some to believe there is a chance he could still be dealt.  If a trade were to happen, the Vikings and Lions would be two teams with much interest in acquiring him.
  • Kurt Warner visited the 49ers on Monday.  If he were to sign with the 49ers, a division rival of the Cardinals, I think it's safe to say that the entire outlook of the NFC West would change.
  • The Redskins released defensive end Jason Taylor.
  • Wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh signed a five-year deal with the Seahawks.
  • Wide receiver Nate Washington, who visited the Lions last Friday, signed a six-year, $27 million deal with the Titans.  I would be willing to bet any contract offer from the Lions wasn't worth quite that much.