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Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft

Mock_draft_logo_medium Although the draft is less than four weeks away, there is always time for a new mock draft.  That is why I am putting together a Pride of Detroit community mock draft, which will allow readers of the site to act as GMs for all 32 NFL teams.  I'll iron out the details of a schedule for getting the picks sent in and posted later this week, but for now the most important thing is getting the GMs lined up.

If you want to be a GM, leave a comment with the team you want to represent as well as if you are interested in being a GM for the Lions.  What I'm going to do to determine who gets to be the Lions' GM is have a random drawing of all the people interested.  The person that gets selected will be the Lions GM, and I will fill the opening for whatever team that lost its GM with someone else.  That way we can give everyone a chance to be the Lions GM.  For every other team, though, it is first-come, first-serve.  Simply leave a comment with the team you want to represent, and I will add you to the list below when I update it.  Also, make sure to read through the other comments to see if your team has already been taken.  That way there won't be repeats to sift through.

Before signing up to be a part of this, make sure that you're willing to take the time to research your team's needs to ensure your pick is not completely off base.  You don't have to spend hours on end researching your team, but check out the SB Nation blog for it and use other resources to get an idea of who you should take.  Also, when you make your pick, I want you to send in a write-up explaining why you selected who you did.  It only needs to be a paragraph long, but you can write more if you want.

As far as how long this draft will last, I haven't determined if it will be one or two rounds.  The former is the most likely scenario since we will probably be limited on time, but if this goes by faster than I expect we will do two rounds.  For that reason, I am asking for people to sign up to represent the Cowboys and Panthers, even though they don't have first-round picks.  You won't get a chance to make a pick if we only go one round, but I want to have people ready in case we go two.

Below is the list that will be updated every couple hours to keep track of who has signed up for which team.  As mentioned already, this is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure to leave a comment as soon as you have a team in mind to reserve a spot in this mock draft.  Also, don't forget to say whether or not you want to be included in the drawing for who gets to represent the Lions.

  1. Lions - DrewsLions
  2. Rams - CLF
  3. Chiefs - Jettero2112
  4. Seahawks - lions4life
  5. Browns - BtotheLT
  6. Bengals - HoorayForEverything
  7. Raiders - damnitdamnitdamnit
  8. Jaguars - lionsfan22
  9. Packers - JazzyBBP
  10. 49ers - Goose21
  11. Bills - Rollah
  12. Broncos - tricks318
  13. Redskins - mgersz
  14. Saints - detpistons3
  15. Texans - Hyperion Ecta
  16. Chargers - James L
  17. Jets - LestersRevenge
  18. Bears - Gym Schwartz
  19. Buccaneers - n1ck34
  20. Lions - DrewsLions
  21. Eagles - n4ry4
  22. Vikings - AZ Yooper
  23. Patriots - UKLion
  24. Falcons - MatthewDC
  25. Dolphins - thePROD1GY
  26. Ravens - Runnin' Rebel
  27. Colts - msivits
  28. Eagles - n4ry4
  29. Giants - NorthLeft12
  30. Titans - Twon82
  31. Cardinals - LVLionfan
  32. Steelers - rmatheny

I also need someone for the Panthers, who doesn't have a first-round pick.  The Cowboys also don't have a first-rounder, but Curse of Bobby Layne 50 Years Strong will represent them should we go to a second-round.


(Also want to say thanks to Mile High Report for coming up with some of the ideas I am incorporating into POD's community mock draft.)