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Who to Take with Pick #33?

A few days I ago I asked for some suggestions on who to draft with pick #20 in the Football Burrito mock draft, and I ended up taking defensive tackle Peria Jerry.  Admittedly, I'm starting to regret that pick, especially with the news that the Lions are probably going to sign Grady Jackson.  Nevertheless, that was the pick and I am stuck with it now.  Even so, I'm about to go on the clock with the #33 pick and am asking for suggestions yet again. 

My thoughts on the pick are that it's time to shift my focus to the offensive side of the ball or focus on improving the secondary.  I am leaning toward the former, as I believe it is time to find a starting left guard or someone that can start at left tackle and eventually allow the Lions to move Jeff Backus to left guard.  Also, if a certain running back is still on the board when I go on the clock, I will consider taking him despite the fact that the Lions don't have a need at running back.  The chances of actually taking him are slim, bur I will consider making that move nonetheless.

Here is a rundown of who has been selected so far:

  1. LB Aaron Curry (Lions)
  2. OT Eugene Monroe (Rams)
  3. OT Jason Smith (Chiefs)
  4. QB Matthew Stafford (Seahawks)
  5. LB Rey Maualuga (Browns)
  6. OT Andre Smith (Bengals)
  7. WR Michael Crabtree (Raiders)
  8. CB Malcolm Jenkins (Jaguars)
  9. DE/OLB Everette Brown (Packers)
  10. DE/OLB Brian Orakpo (49ers)
  11. DE Aaron Maybin (Bills)
  12. DT B.J. Raji (Broncos)
  13. OT Michael Oher (Redskins)
  14. LB Brian Cushing (Saints)
  15. QB Mark Sanchez (Buccaneers; Pick traded to TB by HOU)
  16. DE Tyson Jackson (Chargers)
  17. WR Jeremy Maclin (Jets)
  18. WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (Bears)
  19. LB Clay Matthews (Texans; Pick traded to HOU by TB)
  20. DT Peria Jerry (Lions)
  21. TE Brandon Pettigrew (Eagles)
  22. CB Vontae Davis (Vikings)
  23. WR Percy Harvin (Jaguars; Pick traded to JAC by NE)
  24. LB Clint Sintim (Falcons)
  25. CB Sean Smith (Dolphins)
  26. CB Mike Mikens (Ravens)
  27. LB James Laurinaitis (Colts)
  28. RB Knowshon Moreno (Eagles)
  29. WR Hakeem Nicks (Giants)
  30. CB D.J. Moore (Titans)
  31. DE Michael Johnson (Cardinals)

Leave your thoughts on the pick in the comments section.

UPDATE: D.J. Moore and Michael Johnson have been drafted since I first posted this.