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Friday Notes: Lions Re-Sign Damion Cook

  • The Lions re-signed offensive lineman Damion Cook.  The hope was that they would land Derrick Dockery or Daniel Loper, who visited the Lions earlier this week, but they ended up adding Cook back to the roster.  Cook can play multiple positions and started four games at left guard last season.  He is more of a backup than anything, as he adds depth by being a utility offensive lineman.
  • Anthony Henry was "dismayed" when he found out that he was traded to the Lions.  That's obviously understandable, but that feeling quickly went away after Henry spoke with Jim Schwartz and Gunther Cunningham.  Henry "loved" Schwartz's energy and seems to have bought in to the team's new mindset already.
  • The Football Burrito mock draft only lasted one round, meaning all of the recent discussion about who to draft with the #33 overall pick was pointless in regards to that specific mock draft.  Even so, it was good to gauge everyone's opinion on who I should take.  I still don't know the specific player I would have selected, but in all likelihood it would have been an offensive lineman.
  • Although I don't agree with their top overall pick, the National Football Post's latest mock draft has the Lions selecting Peria Jerry with the 20th selection.
  • I may not think Matthew Stafford should be the top overall pick, but I at least understand why people have the Lions selecting him.  What I don't understand is why the Sporting News' Russ Lande has the Lions drafting Florida State defensive end/outside linebacker Everette Brown with the top pick.  That makes zero sense and would be an awful, awful selection.  Surprisingly, that may not even be the worst pick.  He has the Browns taking Stafford, even though they already have Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn.  The comments on the post sum up my feelings on this awful mock draft, but all I can really say is WTF.  Even Matt Millen isn't that dumb.  Well... never mind.
  • Rudi Johnson thinks the Lions are "years away" from being a competitive NFL team.
  • The Lions were part of a joke on the Tonight Show recently.
  • Torry Holt wants out of St. Louis.  I don't know what his relationship with Scott Linehan was like, but if he does get released, we'll have to see if the Lions show any interest in him.
  • The Cowboys released safety Roy Williams.
  • Bob Bleakley, the father of William Bleakley, spoke to Nick Schuyler, who was rescued on Monday, about what exactly happened to William.  Contrary to reports that William Bleakley saw a light and took off his life jacket to swim for help, he actually fought and fought until he couldn't hang on any longer.
    Bleakley said Schuyler told him: "Will stayed with me for 36 hours and was in my grasp when he lost consciousness and died." Bleakley, delirious and vomiting, succumbed to hypothermia and dehydration, to the cold and the constant pounding of relentless waves, his father said.

    "Nick tried CPR but Will did not respond," Bob Bleakley said. "Then a wave hit and he couldn't hold on to him anymore. That closed it for me."
    It was reported a couple days ago that Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper took their life jackets off and let themselves be swept away a few hours after the boat capsized.  Whether or not that report is accurate is left to be seen, but I don't think anyone should report anything unless it is directly from Nick Schuyler.  He is the only one that can tell us what actually happened, and even he probably needs some time to recover before sharing his story.