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Wednesday Notes: Cutler Placed on Trading Block; Stafford Workout Goes Well

  • All teams in the first-round have a GM in the Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft.  I know I said I will have a random drawing for the who gets to be the Lions GM, but I changed my mind.  DrewsLions, an author on Pride of Detroit, will represent the Lions.  For those of you left out, I will post a list of alternates, as I assume there will be some no shows.  Also, full details of the posting schedule and how to make picks will be posted either later today or tomorrow.
  • Jay Cutler has been placed on the trading block.  After failing to hear back from Cutler in the last 10 days, the Broncos decided to go ahead and begin trade discussions, basically ending Cutler's career in Denver.  There is absolutely no way he will play for the Broncos after this.  The team is done with him and he is done with the team.

    The Lions are one of at least six teams "expected to be seriously involved in trade talks."  Detroit is definitely at an advantage since they have three draft picks in the first 33 selections.  Even so, one has to wonder if the Broncos would want to acquire the top overall pick, which would force them to pay a huge contract to a rookie QB. 

    I certainly hope Martin Mayhew finds a way to pull off a trade to acquire Cutler, but only if he doesn't have to give up too much.  I still think the most likely scenario is a three-way trade with a team like Cleveland, but who knows at this point.  This saga just got more interesting and is only going to give us more drama in the coming weeks.
  • Eight Lions officials headed to Athens, Georgia, on Tuesday to hold a workout with Matthew Stafford.  Stafford spent an hour and a half diagramming plays before throwing the football around.  Scott Linehan directed the workout, which went very well by all accounts.  The word being used to describe the workout (from is "flawless," and some now think he will be the No. 1 pick for sure.

    While I don't doubt things went well, I don't think we should assume he will be the pick just yet.  He very well may be, but with word getting out about how well Stafford performed, perhaps a few teams could now have some interest in making a trade to get Stafford.  The positive review of Stafford's session with the Lions will only make that more likely, and with Jay Cutler being placed on the trading block, a whole new element is added to this story.

    One way or another, I think the Lions will come to an initial decision about who the pick will be by next week.  Mark Sanchez's pro day is tomorrow, and when the Lions return to Allen Park, the draft board will begin to be finalized.  Obviously trade negotiations with the Broncos could slow down negotiations with the top pick, but then again, they could be related talks depending on how much Denver wants and how much the Lions are willing to give up.
  • Buster Davis was waived by the Colts yesterday.  Davis was cut by the Lions prior to the beginning of last season and played well for the Colts.  I would definitely like to see him return to the Lions.
  • Even Lions' players parking setup has been changed by Jim Schwartz.
  • I picked defensive tackle Peria Jerry for the Lions with the 20th selection of the SB Nation Mock Draft.
  • One time Detroit Lion Gus Cifelli died at the age of 84 last Thursday.

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