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POD Community Mock Draft: Pick No. 28

Mock_draft_logo_medium Philly_eagles_medium
Rd. # Player Pos. College
1 28 Brandon Pettigrew
Oklahoma State
General Manager: n4ry

With the 28th pick of the 2009 Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew.

Here is n4ry4's reasoning for the pick:

The Eagles have a big need at tight end, and Brandon Pettigrew offers great value at pick #28. At 6-5+ 260, he has ideal size and is a good athlete. In the run game, he is a very good blocker, using his solid technique and strong body to move defenders out of the way. In the passing game, he may not be the best downfield threat because of his lack of elite speed, but he has good overall athleticism and soft hands for catching tough balls in traffic, and he has a knack for finding holes in coverage over the middle. His size will also help him gain tough yards after the catch when the first defender to get to him will have trouble bringing him down.

Even though he was not as much a featured weapon at Oklahoma State as his ability would dictate (his receiving touchdown stats betray his true potential), he will be a very good blocker, a good red zone threat, and a solid safety net for McNabb. Pettigrew can really thrive in Philly's offense, and they'll be happy he was still available for them at #28.

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