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Tuesday Notes: Stafford Saying Top Pick Is Done Deal?

  • Take it with a grain of salt, especially since there have been so many contradictory reports in the past, but Pro Football Talk is reporting that Matthew Stafford has been telling former Georgia teammates that he will be the No. 1 pick of the draft.  What's more, he is saying that it is a "done deal" and his contract will include $40 million of guaranteed money.  If that turns out to be true, then I will be furious.  It wouldn't even be that Stafford was the pick, but to give him $40 million of guaranteed money would be an absolute joke.  I get that the Lions will be forced to overpay the top pick no matter who it is, but $40 million?  Seriously?
  • In the mock draft on the Lions' official website, Aaron Curry was selected by fans as the top pick, receiving 37% of the vote.  Jason Smith finished next with 25%, and Matthew Stafford was actually third with 23%.  Here's to hoping the Lions replicate the mock draft when they decide on the top pick.
  • SI's Peter King shared his theory on what the Lions will do, and he believes that the team would prefer to sign Matthew Stafford.  Should contract negotiations not go well, however, he thinks the Lions will move on to Jason Smith and then Aaron Curry in order to sign the top pick before the draft.
  • I selected Aaron Curry in the FanIQ mock draft.
  • The Detroit News is holding a draft contest.
  • A person that was once the Lions' mascot passed away last Friday.
  • Former Tigers pitcher Mark "the Bird" Fidrych died on Monday.

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