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Wednesday Notes: Lions Claim WR Will Franklin Off Waivers

  • Just a heads up, I am going to do a second-round for the Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft.  My plan is to post the No. 33 pick later today just like I did with all of the first-round selections since it belongs to the Lions.  For the rest of the round, however, I am going to include four or five picks in one post every couple of days to move this along.  After all, the draft is rapidly approaching, so the faster we can get through this the better.

    (Please check out the second-round draft order to find out when your pick is coming up to be ready to make a selection.  The format for making picks will be the same as the first-round, but you should still be prepared and compile a list of possible selections for when I e-mail you.)
  • The Lions claimed wide receiver Will Franklin off waivers on Tuesday.  The Rams, Eagles, Colts, and Raiders also claimed him, but the Lions ultimately get to sign him since their record was obviously the worst of all teams in the NFL last season.
  • In case you think the Lions are actually considering missing the deadline for the top pick of the draft, think again.  Tom Lewand basically shot down that idea by saying that he won't comment on strategies like that, "whether they’re logical or illogical."  It seems that he is implying that skipping the pick is an illogical idea, so if you were worried about that, you can relax.
  • It came out recently that Duke point guard Greg Paulus worked out with the Packers last week.  He was one of the nation's best quarterbacks coming out of high school, but ultimately he decided to play basketball at Duke.  Now that his eligibility is up for that sport, NFL and college teams are interested in him, including Michigan.  He checked out a Michigan practice on Tuesday and may transfer to the school, as he has one year of football eligibility left.  That would be quite the story.
  • Regardless of whether or not Aaron Curry ends up a Lion, you can't question his character, as he invited a cancer survivor to the draft. 
  • Braylon Edwards is likely going to be traded to the Giants.
  • Percy Harvin did, in fact, test positive for marijuana at the combine.

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