So many opinions, so little time...

Ok, I've wen't back and forth with what I think the Lions should do with this draft. First off, I've come to the conclusion that I will be happy no matter what picks are made. (well, unless they take Crabtree no.1)

Secondly, the Lions should try to trade down with the no.20 and no.33 picks to get as many 2nd and 3rd round picks as possible, as we can get quality depth and starters with these picks.

As far as draft picks, here is what I've come up with after reading everyones opinions and the millions and millions of mock drafts on here and all over the internet. First, you have to draft a QB no.1, because it's the only place you can realistically get quality at that position, in this draft anyways, so you take Matthew Stafford. Sure, Rhett Bomar could be the next Tom Brady, but unless a team that has a team full of pro-bowlers signs him, he wont be.

The other two picks here, Aaron Curry and Jason Smith, fill positions/areas that can be addressed later with starting calibre players. At no.20 we can take James Laurainitus or Rey Mauauluga to fill our MLB spot, and they have the potential (especially between Julian Peterson and Ernie Sims) to be future pro-bowlers. Then at no.33 you can take Alex Mack/Max Unger/Duke Robinson to beef up the interior line and get us to a point where next year with our 1st pick we can take a LT and solidify our OLine once and for all.

With the remaining picks, you look at all Defense, starting with DT, possibly taking a TE if a quality one falls into your lap.

After the draft, the starting QB would most likely depend on how the offensive line looks. If giving Backus quality help on the left side with say, Duke Robinson solidifies the line, then we could see Stafford starting on day one. But if there is even one concern, then you sit him behind Culpepper and let him learn the ropes and don't put him in until he is set up to succeed.

Our defense will also look 100x's better than it did last  year, so we'll be able to actually win some games. If you look at last year, we could score points, we just couldn't stop the opposition from scoring twice as much.

My point is that we can't put off taking a qb until next year, because we may have the no.10 pick, and the teams ahead of us could take Tebow, McCoy, and Bradford before they fall to us, and those QB's aren't as good/pro ready as Stafford is either in my opinion.

Anyways, thanks for bearing with me through this, if you actually made it this far. I know we're scared of a QB because of Harrington, Ware, and Long, but Stafford is better than all of those players, and we have a competant coaching staff/front office around him, as well as options to start him now or sit him, since I also think that Culpepper is a quality qb if he's in shape and knows the team/playbook.

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