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Wednesday Notes: Mayhew Addresses Media One Last Time Before Draft

  • The main reason people seem to be against drafting Aaron Curry with the top pick is because they don't think it makes sense to pay a middle linebacker so much money.  What if I told you that the money wouldn't be a problem, as the Lions may not have to break the bank to sign Curry.
    In a segment on Sirius NFL Radio's "Movin' The Chains," Curry said he "sure would" do a pre-draft deal with the Lions, and said he'd go to Detroit even if it was for less than the five-year, $58-million deal Jake Long got as the No. 1 pick last year. That contract included about $30 million guaranteed.

    "I'd be more than happy to accept that deal," Curry said.
    If the Lions could get Curry for a reduced price, they would be crazy not to jump at the opportunity.  According to the experts, the only negative of drafting Curry with the top pick is the cost, so if that wasn't an issue, why pass on him for Stafford, especially when Stafford would get an even bigger contract?
  • During yesterday's pre-draft press conference, Martin Mayhew said that the plan is to have the top pick signed before the Lions actually go on the clock at 4 p.m. Saturday.  I'm expecting this to play out like a few years ago when the Texans signed Mario Williams the night before the draft.  If a deal isn't done by the time Saturday rolls around, it seems less likely that one will be agreed to prior to 4 p.m., but then again, since the draft starts so late this year, I wouldn't be surprised if a deal was worked out Saturday morning.
  • Mayhew also said that if he and Jim Schwartz don't agree on a player, they simply won't draft him.  It is nice to have a front-office and head coach on the same page for a change, as Matt Millen never seemed to be in agreement with his coaches.  Players would be picked against the coaches' will, leading to the mess Millen left behind.
  • One final thing from Mayhew is that he said the Lions will be more efficient on the clock this year, as they have planned ahead enough to not have to scramble if one of their targets is picked before they get a shot at him.
  • Jason Smith doesn't really have a good idea of where he stands with the Lions as far as the top pick goes.  That really says a lot about how good of a job Martin Mayhew and company are doing of keeping people in the dark.
  • The Lions' new logo had been in development since before last year's draft.
  • Mark Sanchez's stock is quickly rising.  I'm starting to have a feeling that he will be gone pretty early on if the Lions draft Matthew Stafford.
  • Caleb Campbell isn't going to be re-signed, so he will technically be entered back into this year's draft pool, though it seems unlikely anyone will draft him at this time.
  • retracted its report that B.J. Raji tested positive for drugs at the combine by simply saying "We regret the error."  I don't understand why they didn't publicly apologize to Raji for the mistake, as it is not some minor error.  Then again, it does look minor compared to's erroneous reports.  They have multiple stories to retract.
  • Percy Harvin and Brandon Tate did test positive for marijuana.
  • After breaking Pride of Detroit's single-day traffic record on Monday, that record was absolutely shattered yesterday.  POD had over 85,000 page views on Tuesday, which is both awesome and shocking at the same time.

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