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Thursday Notes: When Will Stafford's Deal Be Finalized?

  • Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole is reporting that Tom Condon talked to Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand last night, presumably to get Matthew Stafford's contract taken care of.  Stafford's representatives have until Friday to get a deal done.  If nothing is agreed to by then, the assumption is that Aaron Curry will be the top pick.  That seems highly unlikely, though.  Stafford is expected to agree to a deal before the deadline that includes $40 million of guaranteed money.  Cole tossed that number out, making him at least the third person to do so.
  • Dave Birkett thinks that if the Lions believe Matthew Stafford is truly capable of being their franchise QB, then money shouldn't be an issue, meaning they shouldn't consider taking Aaron Curry instead simply because the contract is cheaper.
  • Mark Sanchez thinks the Lions are "in love" with Stafford.
  • ESPN had its bloggers mock draft, and to say that it went poorly for the Lions would be an understatement.  NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert picked Matthew Stafford for the Lions with the top pick and Knowshon Moreno with the 20th selection.  This was his explanation for the Moreno pick:
    The Lions can't allow need to trump talent, and in this mock draft, Moreno is the best player remaining.
    If the Lions did this, Martin Mayhew would be the laughingstock of the NFL.  The Lions have needs at almost every position.  Running back, however, is not one of them.  Kevin Smith is the Lions' running back, and with the addition of Maurice Morris, there is ample depth at the RB position going into next season.  To take Moreno would just be stupid.  The Lions must draft players that will fill a need, and Moreno certainly would not do that since no need exists at RB.
  • I talked a bit about free agency for a story by Andrew Bucholtz of The Good Point.
  • There is still time to sign up for's Predict the Pick game.  I created an entry specifically for Pride of Detroit so we can see whose mock draft is the most accurate.  The password to join the group is Bubbles.  Make sure to name your entry after your username so we know who is who.

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