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Lions Sign Matthew Stafford to Six-Year Deal's Jay Glazer is reporting that the Lions have signed Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford to a six-year, $78 million deal that includes $41.7 million of guaranteed money.  According to Glazer, the Lions were also negotiating with Jason Smith, who is represented by Tom Condon as well, "before ultimately deciding on Stafford as the target."

I think $41.7 million is way, way too much guaranteed money.  While that is just the way things work in the NFL right now, the Lions could have pursued other options if they felt it wasn't worth paying Stafford such a large contract.  That is in the past, though, as Stafford is now a Lion.  I don't like the decision one bit, but it's time to put that aside and support our new quarterback.

UPDATE: According to Peter King, the deal is worth $72 million with minimum playing time and $78 million with incentives.

UPDATE II: Not that it matters now, but note to Roger Goodell, please implement a rookie wage scale in the new CBA so no team ever again has to pay an unproven rookie more guaranteed money than anyone in NFL history.

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