wow...just wow...

Ok, let me make one thing clear, I totally understand why there are plenty of people upset about this pick. For one, Joey Harrington, for two, Andre Ware, for three, 32nd ranked defense, and for four, 40+ millions dollars.

I wouldn't call myself a 100% Stafford supporter, because honestly, I was going to be happy with Stafford, Curry, or Monroe/Smith. I was leaning more towards Stafford because I've seen him play and he is a playmaker, he reminds me alot of Brett Favre(even though I hate his guts, we are Lions fans afterall). Anyways, as far as the whole "bust" issue is concerned, every player can be a bust, Aaron Curry could have a career ending injury in preseason, he could get into the wrong system and his 1st 3-5 years could be ruined by it and he will be just another MLB.

As far as our defense is concerned, we have no.20 and no.33 to draft for sure starters, and then two 3rd rounders to draft possible starters/excellent depth/2nd-3rd year stars.

And for the huge contract, everyone has to realize that it's not the Lions or Staffords fault, they are just gears in the machine. If you look at Matt Ryans contract from a year ago, you have to assume that any QB take no.3 and higher this year will have a larger contract, since salaries get higher every year. Now add to that the fact that Stafford wasn't no.3, but no.1 and you get the salary he has.

My main point is that I hate seeing Lions fans be so upset and so negative about this decision. We have plenty of opportunities to fill holes in the rest of the draft, along with the fact that our defense has already been imporoved via free agency/trades. The other thing that bugs me is the hypocrisy all the anger. If the Lions pick Curry in this situation and pass Stafford, and Stafford goes on to be the next Elway or Montana, and Curry goes on to be the next Chris Claiborne, then the organization sucks for caving to the fans demands and trying to sell jerseys. People are quick to jump ship(you aren't a fan of the team if you say they will lose every game in 2009 and are the stupidest/worst team in the league and you hate them) and be fair-weather fans or to point the finger when things don't happen the way they would like.

Anyways, I think everyone has the right to say what they want about the matter, but if you were a true fan or even an ok fan, in my opinion, it would sound more like this "man, I wish they would've taken Curry, but they must know something about Stafford that I don't. Let's hope the rest of the draft is defensive minded and it all pans out. LETS GO STAFFORD" and less like this "f!!! mayhew, f!!! schwartz, f!!! stafford, we're doomed and I hate this team and they have down syndrome. Go Pack Go!"

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