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Lions Draft DeAndre Levy and Derrick Williams in Third Round

After trading down with the Jets to start the second day of the draft, the Lions used one of the picks acquired from NY (No. 76 overall) to select Wisconsin outside linebacker DeAndre Levy. Levy is someone that compares to both Alex Lewis and Keith Bulluck. I'm guessing the latter comparison is why he was picked, as Jim Schwartz must see something in him. I don't understand the thinking behind drafting an outside linebacker, but the only explanation is that he will be switched to the middle. After all, the Lions have absolutely nobody at MLB right now, so someone has to play that position next season.

Continuing the trend of pushing need to the side for talent, the Lions selected Penn State wide receiver Derrick Williams with the No. 82 pick of the draft. Williams' special teams abilities are his best asset, as he can return both kicks and punts. His wide receiver skills likely aren't the reason he was picked. The Lions have a need for a returner, and hopefully Williams will be good enough to make the team so he can fill that need. Even if he does, though, I don't like how the Lions passed up needs at other positions to take a wide receiver/special teams player. Cue up the Millen jokes, I guess, but this is getting a tad annoying. I get the whole talent over need thing, but at some point the defense needs to be addressed beyond a safety and outside linebacker that might play inside.

The Lions' next pick is 115th overall, the 15th selection of the fourth-round.

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