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Lions Wrap Up '09 Draft with Another TE

With the 255th pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, the Lions selected Maryland tight end Dan Gronkowski, the second TE picked by Detroit this weekend.  Here is a quick look at the kind of player Gronkowski is:

Compares To: STEVE HEIDEN, Cleveland -- Like Heiden, Gronkowski's athleticism fails to translate to the football field. He has impressive timed speed, but lumbers getting off the line of scrimmage, negating his effectiveness on intermediate patterns. He is a physical blocker with good hands for the short-area tosses, but anything outside of controlled routes makes him a liability.

And with that, I am taking a much needed break.  I'll have a recap of day two of the draft up sometime tonight and will start to take a closer look at each of the Lions' picks next week (probably after I'm done with my last exam on Tuesday).  In the meantime, you can take a look at all of the Lions' picks below.

Rd. # Player Pos. College
1 1 Matthew Stafford
1 20 Brandon Pettigrew
TE Oklahoma St.
2 33 Louis Delmas
S Western Mich.
3 76 DeAndre Levy LB Wisconsin
3 82 Derrick Williams
WR Penn State
4 115 Sammie Lee Hill
DT Stillman
6 192 Aaron Brown
7 228 Lydon Murtha
7 235 Zack Follett LB California
7 255 Dan Gronkowski TE Maryland

Thanks to everyone that checked out the site this weekend and participated in the open threads. There were 5-6,000 new comments just in the open threads alone, which is a truly amazing statistic.  I can't wait to see what open threads are like during games next season.  Thanks again and GO LIONS!

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