Ok, I don't mind ESPN, even though they seem to be behind on news by about an hour or two to a day or two. Its a nice change from NFL Network so I can get the scoop on all the other sports. But with some of the stuff that their "experts" say is rediculous.

Here's what Eric Allen just said about Eugene Monroe being the best pick in the draft(this is a generalization):

"He's the best because of his motivation and desire to play. He said following bein picked that he just wanted to play, he said he'd be fine to be picked in the 8th round. He even said he's ready to go out and beat Pittsburgh."

doesn't that sound alot like another 1st round LT, Michael Oher. C'mon guys, if you're getting paid, what I assume is a prett nice salary, get your facts straight. The Jags aren't even rivals with the Steelers, so why would that be relevant.

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