Schwartz's draft strategy...

I know alot of people are upset at waiting to draft key defensive players or offensive line, but if you look at the Titans, they are built upon mid-late round picks. On the defense last year in Tennessee they had only 4 1st round picks I believe (Griffin, Haynesworth, Kearse, and Bulluck). And the rest of the players are pretty much 4th round and later.

The same thing can be said about their offense, as the whole line is middle round picks, and only their "flash" positions have 1st round talent.

I think his system relies heavily on successful coaches, to get more from their "value" players than other teams get from their "star" players. If we can pick up some players that will become free agents throughout the remaining offseason that can be solid contributors, then I think Schwartz can his staff can coach them up and create a quality team as opposed to stars.

Then again, I am an optimist, and also understand that this is going to take a couple of years to make us a serious/respectable playoff team every year. I'm not saying that we wont make it to the playoffs this year, because anything is possible, but I figure we gave Millen 8 horrible years, we can give the new guys at least 4.

And one last thing, I think with the coaches we have, Sammie Lee Hill will end up being the next Shaun Rogers, but with a better work ethic and motor. He'll be a cornerstone of our defense along Avril, Sims, and Delmas.

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