Did the Eagles save the Lions?

Posted on POD back at the start of the month, wide receiver Jermey Maclin worked out for the Lions, most assumed the former Missouri standout wouldn't be available when they drafted.

However, as the events of draft day unfolded and the Raiders decided against common sense surprised some by taking Maryland's speedy Darius Heyward-Bey, Maclin was around at pick 19 when the Browns were on the clock. Rather than take Maclin, the Browns traded the pick to the Eagles for pick number 21 and a sixth round pick.

Smart move by the Browns, they were able to pick up an extra pick to move back only a few spots and probably get the player they wanted anyways. However, why would Philadelphia move up two picks (and give up a pick) to select a player that probably would have been there at 21?

Unless they were afraid that they weren't going to get him. Did the Eagles think the Lions actually might take Maclin at No. 20? Granted, this is random speculation and a little game of 'telephone' (my friend heard from someone that there was a rumor about this possibly happening, in other words, nothing credible).

The reason I bring this up is because the mantra of the Lions' draft day seemed to be talent over need, possibly because every position was need. Due to this, I don't think it was out of question to think that the Lions' interest in Maclin was genuine.

Bryant Johnson isn't a long term option, at least not at the second receiver position, but I can only imagine how many Lions fans would have thrown their remote through the television set had the Lions gone through with drafting yet another wide receiver.

So, after all that, I would like to offer a word of thanks to the Eagles for realizing how crazy the management of the Lions actually is and making sure they couldn't fall on their own sword by drafting another wide receiver.

I have seen how Brandon Pettigrew has created a division on the site (some like him, some don't, I personally do), but I, for one, breathe a sign of relief that the Lions did not take yet another wide receiver.

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