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Wednesday Notes: Kevin Carter Visits Lions?

  • Free agent defensive end Kevin Carter was scheduled to visit the Lions on Tuesday.  Carter played for Jim Schwartz in Tennessee from 2001-04 and started all 16 games for the Buccaneers a season ago.  He is likely still a free agent because he is entering his 15th year in the NFL.  Despite his age, though, he would be a good addition to the Lions' defense just because of his experience.
  • The Giants apparently had a trade worked out with the Lions to swap the 20th and 29th picks.  The trade was contingent on Jeremy Maclin being available, which is probably why the Eagles traded ahead of Detroit.  Philly probably realized that the Lions were in trade talks, and if they had waited beyond the No. 19 pick, Maclin would have been headed somewhere else.  Because Maclin was drafted before the Lions went on the clock with the 20th pick, the trade never happened, but it certainly is interesting to think about.  Had the trade happened, would the Lions still have gotten Brandon Pettigrew?
  • ProFootballWeekly is reporting that the Lions may claim recently released quarterback John Beck. The Dolphins got rid of the former second-round pick earlier this week, and because of their waiver position, the Lions essentially have first dibs on him.  I'm for the move, as Beck very well may be better than Drew Stanton.  If that is the case, Beck could become the Lions' third QB.  If he isn't better than Stanton, then he would simply be released. 
  • Drew Henson wasn't too surprised that the Lions released him.
  • Aside from Henson, the Lions also released Pacino Horne and Matt Lentz.  Both players were signed recently, but they apparently were only bodies for the Lions' first minicamp under Jim Schwartz that took place a couple weeks ago.
  • The Lions gave away a Kevin Smith jersey to a fan that turned out to really be a Kevin Jones jersey with a new nameplate sewn over Jones' name.
  • PFT has the 2009 rookie pool numbers.  The Lions, due to having the top pick and an additional first-round selection, have the largest pool out of all 32 NFL teams.
  • The Jets released Brett Favre from the reserve-retired list, meaning he could sign with whatever team he wants if he were to come out of retirement again.  He released a statement saying he is retired "at this time."  I stress the phrase "at this time," as that football itch probably won't come until the summer when training camp nears.  I have a feeling this summer could be even more dramatic than last year if Favre comes out of retirement.  Chances are he would sign with the Vikings, which would just be the ultimate slap in the face to the Packers.
  • 39 million people tuned in to the draft over the weekend.

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