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POD Community Mock Draft: Pick No. 6

Mock_draft_logo_medium Cincy_bengals_medium
Rd. # Player Pos. College
1 6 Eugene Monroe OT Virginia
General Manager: HoorayForEverything

With the sixth pick of the 2009 Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Virginia offensive tackle Eugene Monroe.

Here is HoorayForEverything's reasoning for the pick:

We are barely one hour into the 2009 NFL Draft and pandemonium has officially run wild. Minutes after his giddy happy dance following the selection of Matt Stafford, Mel Kiper Jr experienced a complete onscreen conniption fit over the stunning selection of BJ Raji by the St Louis Rams.

Todd McShay smiled in his trademark catatonic state while Kiper screamed at anyone who would listen about Cleveland deserving BJ Raji after redeeming themselves in the eyes of The Great Hairdini by finally drafting Brady Quinn 2 years ago.

Special correspondant Jim Rome couldn't wait to chime in "Epic. Guess Mary Jane in the ESS TEE ELLE can't wait to meet BEE Joint Rajiwanna next season. Phenomenal"

Chris Berman, after failing 5 times to make a coherent joke out of Scott "paella" Pioli and Aaron "rice" Curry, blurted out "We don't know the date yet, but I guess it won't be "LONG" before BJ plays da "BEARS"...and they'll both see a change of "PACE"....go Bills".

Meanwhile, in the Bengals' war room, a serene calm fills the room as they easily turn in their card for Eugene Monroe who has no business even being available at this point. With RT Stacy Andrews gone to the Eagles, and LT Levi Jones branded "McDougal" and on his way out the door, the hardest part of this pick is getting over all the energy they wasted pouring into Andre Smith's personal life. Carson Palmer sleeps soundly tonight.

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