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POD Community Mock Draft: Pick No. 7

Mock_draft_logo_medium Oakland_raiders_medium
Rd. # Player Pos. College
1 7 Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech
General Manager: damnitdamnitdamnit

With the seventh pick of the 2009 Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft, the Oakland Raiders select Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Here is damnitdamnitdamnit's reasoning for the pick:

The Oakland Raiders have two glaring problems at this point, Passing Offense and Rushing Defense. This leaves them needing either a Wide Receiver or a good run-stopping addition to their 4-3 variation defense in the form of a nose tackle, defensive end, or linebacker. In this draft, the best receiving option is Michael Crabtree, with Jeremy Maclin coming in second. Maclin, however, is a reach at #7, though there might be other burners left in the second round, such as Hakeem Nicks or Darrius Heyward-Bey. The big decision here is whether or not the disparity between a receiver in the second round and Crabtree is bigger than the disparity between the best DE/DT available and those available in the second round. In this case, I think that the WR gap is bigger, and here's why:

Crabtree recently had surgery for a stress fracture in his foot, and his recovery is expected to last another two months. Despite the health concern, Crabtree was considered by some to be the best option in the draft at any position. He is seen as a complete receiver with good speed and route-running, but hands and body control not normally seen in college receivers. The hands are a must to develop the confidence of Jamarcus Russell, who really needs to show something this year. In addition, and despite Al Davis' love of fast 40 times, Crabtree gives him a building block for the future that a pure speed ‘ceive would not give him. At this point, with Raji and Orakpo gone, the next big slugger is Peria Jerry. Now, I know there are those of you pointing out the likes of Everette Brown, Aaron Maybin, and Michael Johnson, BUT, the problem with the Raiders is RUN defense. That problem can be handled in the second round with a big body like Ron Brace or Evander Hood. Crabtree heals up, then dons the black and silver.

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