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POD Community Mock Draft: Pick No. 14

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Rd. # Player Pos. College
1 14 Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State
General Manager: detpistons3

With the fourteenth pick of the 2009 Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft, the New Orleans Saints select Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins.

Here is detpistons3's reasoning for the pick:

One recurring theme when it comes to the New Orleans Saints is a less-than-stellar secondary. After investing major free agent dollars on their secondary in the past years, quarterbacks still have a field day in the Big Easy. The signing of Darren Sharper should beef up their secondary some, but the Saints still need a shutdown corner to develop. With the refusal to re-sign oft-injured Mike Mckenzie and passing on re-signing Josh Bullocks, the Saints opted to go with the top corner prospect in this draft. Jenkins is the embodiment of the player defensive coordinator Greg Williams dreams of. An aggressive player that plays every down like it's his last.

There's really no question as to who is the best overall secondary player in this draft. Malcolm Jenkins. Jenkins has excellent bulk and size for a corner. He has all the tools you would look for in a shutdown corner. Good hands and instincts, reliable tackler, great jamming skills, a team leader, and a hard worker. The knocks on Jenkins have little substance to them. Jenkins' sub-par 40-time led experts to label him as too slow for the position, but anyone who has watched Ohio State games knows Jenkins plays a lot faster than his 4.55 time would suggest.

One of the most valuable aspects of Jenkins's, game is his versatility. With Josh Bullocks gone, Jenkins can come in and start at free safety from day one. He can also play the second corner spot. Pick your poison when it comes to Jenkins; he'll make an impact wherever you put him.

Other options at this spot would include Clay Matthews or Brian Cushing, the standout linebackers from USC. Had Jenkins not been available, Vontae Davis would've been a strong possibility.

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