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Wednesday Notes: Locker Room Curse Not True

  • The Lions are going to do a mock draft by having fans vote on the picks.  Voting for the top pick begins on Friday and ends on Monday, so make sure to head over to the team's official site and vote for Aaron Curry your choice.
  • Jeremy Maclin is scheduled to visit the Lions.
  • Remember that AP article I linked to earlier this week about how no team had ever won a basketball game at Ford Field after using the Lions' locker room?  Well, it turns out the whole "curse" was complete BS.  As it turns out, Kansas, last year's eventual national champion, used the Lions' locker room for both of its games at Ford Field.  Kansas won both games, so obviously no curse exists. (HT: battlekow)
  • Julian Peterson was recently interviewed by a Seattle radio station.
  • Because of the Jay Cutler trade, we went back and made some adjustments to the SB Nation Mock Draft.  I didn't change my pick of Peria Jerry, and I also kept my second-round pick the same.  It will be posted at 6 p.m. ET today on Mocking the Draft.
  • pulled its story about B.J. Raji testing positive for a drug at the combine.  Raji's agents and Raji himself have denied the report in the last couple of days, as the NFL has apparently "assured" him that he didn't test positive.
  • ESPN has a draft machine that allows fans to easily make their own mock drafts.  (HT: James L)

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