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Wednesday Notes: Ford Comes in Second in Worst Owners List

  • New Lion Jason Hunter's deal is one year long and has a base salary of $1.01 million.
  • The Lions were aware of Lydon Murtha's back injury before they drafted him and knew he wouldn't immediately be ready.
  • Sammie Lee Hill was over 6 feet tall and weighed more than 200 pounds when he first started playing football at the age of 10. There was a rule preventing him from running the ball, but he once returned a kickoff for a touchdown by dragging four guys down the field. (HT: Highlight Reel)
  • As you saw in a FanPost yesterday, ranked the top 5 best and worst owners in the NFL. William Clay Ford was named the second-worst owner, behind only Al Davis. When I debated in my head who really is the worst owner between Ford and Davis, I kept coming back to the fact that it got so bad in Detroit that the team went 0-16. Is Al Davis out of his mind with some of the decisions he has made lately? Absolutely. However, let's not forget that Davis has won four titles (three of them Super Bowl championships) during his time as owner of the Raiders. The only success WCF can claim during his tenure as owner is a single playoff victory. I think if you take an overall look at both owners, it's clear that WCF is worse than Davis.
  • The NFL apparently wants to put a second regular season game overseas by 2010. This is just another step toward a Super Bowl eventually ending up in London.

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